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Anouncing new game project: The Mars Consortium

I am currently in the process of designing a brand new game - totally from scatch - called (for now, it's a working title) The Mars Consortium. It's going to be a table top roleplaying game for 2 ~ 4 players, age 8 'n up (wild guess), incorporating a freshly designed rule-set with a lot of cardmodel building. The central plot evolves around gathering resources on Mars while beating the other players to it. First one to launch his or her return ship (or devastate the others, among other scenario's) wins. I am planning/designing buildings, landscape elements, figures, credits, playing cards, to be short a complete package, and - ofcourse, since I'm a cardmodel designer - all cardmodels (well, except for the dice).

I'll give you some details, more is to follow soon. So far I have planned 4 different types of terrain, each with it's own pro's and con's, about 10 different types of structures, 5 or 6 different types of units. I am currently in the stage of finalizing the game ruleset and have thus a pretty complete picture of what will be needed (modelwise) for the complete playable game package. And no, I will not post any pictures because I don't have any (yet).

I will keep you posted (with pic's) on any progress when appropriate.

Happyness to you all
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Have you thought about the scale yet?
28mm (1:60)? 1:72? 15mm (1:100)? Or even 6mm (1:250)?

A smaller scale could be interesting, because Mars has very impressive mountains - much steeper and higher than on earth because of lower gravity and lower erosion.
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Well, I haven't given it much thought, that is concerning the scale. First I wanted to outline the rulebook a bit, just to get a clearer picture of what is needed, cardmodel-wise. I don't know if my 'structures' and 'units' will be in the same scale either, it's too early to tell, but I will make every effort to make it 'fit'.
I am currently collecting imagery and textures, and will begin designing the first rough versions this weekend. The way I work, I can scale it up or down later at will.
More soon.

"Are you guys with the police? -No ma'am, we're musicians."

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